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ESU Information

Further information regarding ESU's products is provided here. If you have any questions, please do email us.

ESU decoders are tested with the following applicable controllers:

  • Lenz V3.2
  • ROCO®Lokmaus I , II and R3
  • Lenz® compact
  • Uhlenbrock® Intellibox®
  • Fleis chmann® Twin-Center
  • Fleischmann®
  • LokBoss
  • ZIMO®
  • LGB® MZS
  • Arnold Digital®
  • System One
  • NCE
  • Atlas commander or Digitrax Zephyr

DCC is the worldwide standard for digital multitrain control and it dominates model railways for 2-rail DC system. The NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) has set the standards for DCC with the objective to assure the compatibility of various components provided by different suppliers. As a member of the DCC - Working Group ESU has the benefit of 6 years of experience in designing and producing DCC decoders and can offer you decoders that work with all DCC systems without any problems.

All ESU decoders that understand DCC can be operated with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps or even on analogue layouts. The decoder automatically detects the speed step setting. Save yourself the trouble of having to find out if your command station is set to 14 or 28 speed steps and adjusting the parameters.

Detection of the operating mode is also automatic. Lenz LG100 resp. ROCO® brake sectors are supported as well as braking ain a track section fed with DC in reverse polarity. You may enter 2-digit (1-119) or 4- digit addresses (1-9999) or assign a consist address.

DCC compatible ESU decoders support all relevant programming modes and thus you can use virtually any DCC system on your layout. The multitude of parameters can be adjusted electronically without opening your engine: you will not find any slide controls or DIP-switches on ESU decoders For the LGB MZS we have developed a chain command structure (f1-pulses) for triggering functions.

Of course our products bear the C&I test mark by NMRA confirming compliance with the DCC standards.

DCC + Märklin®-Motorola Even the very first ESU decoder supported not just one data format but offered multiprotocol capability.

This means that the decoder supports not only the DCC protocol but also the Märklin®-Motorola format. Therefore our bi-lingual decoders can either be used with DCC systems or with all central units that operate with the Motorola protocol. Typical examples are the Märklin® 6020, 6021, Delta or the Uhlenbrock ® Intellibox.

The decoders support the addresses 01 80, stop correctly on Märklin®-brake sections and can be operated without problems on any analogue AC layout: the decoders recognise the change-of-directionpulse and fully replace the analogue relays. Multi-protocol decoders can change from operating mode to another on the fly. That is particularly important if your layout is partially controlled in analogue mode (e.g. fiddle yards).

Decoders that support Motorola can be programmed electronically without touching any slide controls or DIPswitches. Such decoders can handle a procedure specially designed for central units 6020 and 6021.

Owners of an Intellibox® can also select the DCC programming mode: programming in DCC mode also affects the characteristics in Motorola mode.

Lokpilot V2.0

The new LokPilot V2.0 understands both DCC and Motorola and can also be used on analogue DC and AC layouts.

Motor control

The minimum and maximum speed of the LokPilot V2.0 can be set either via three points or via 28 entries in the speed table. The table is applicable to all speed step settings (14, 28 and 128), a feature that is not offered by many other products.

Due to the unique ESU load control there are no visible jerks even at 14 speed steps. The 4th-generation load control works with a tact frequency of 40 (!) kHz and assures extremely silent, smooth running particularly with coreless motors.

The tact frequency can also be set to 20 kHz and can easily be adapted to different types of motors and drive combinations, even though this will hardly be necessary.

For prototypical running on the main line load control can be reduced or if desired it can even be turned off.

The LokPilot V2.0 can handle a continous current of up to 1.1 A without external cooling; for short periods even 1.8 A are permitted. Remeber, there is short circuit protection!

Analogue functions

With the LokPilot V2.0 you can set the starting and maximum speed of your engines even in analogue mode.

Furthermore you can select which functions should be active in analogue mode. Thus the LokPilot V2.0 is ideal for analogue engines that previously had a directional relay and were running too fast!


Separately adjustable acceleration, deceleration and shunting speed, all of which can be turned off, are standard features of the LokPilot V2.0.

Its four function outputs can handle up to 200 mA each, can drive separate functions and their brightness can be adjusted individually.

Various output modes are available such as soft start up and dim down of lamps, the flickering of the firebox, Gyro light and Mars light, blinking and alternate blinking.

Thus your layout will truly be alive! The new ESU function mapping enables you to assign any function to any button from F1 to F12. You may even assign several outputs to the same button.

Reliable operation

The LokPilot V2.0 supports the directional control bit that is essential for Märklin® layouts since it assures that any engine entering the digital sector from an analogue sector continues in the direction of travel and does not stop and reverse.

Furthermore the LokPilot V2.0 saves the latest speed settings permanently. After passing a section of dirty track the decoder resp. the engine will continue immediately with the pre-selected speed.


A global player The new LokPilot V2.0 is our global player: as a pure DCC decoder it is aimed at the followers of the global DCC standard.

Like its brother, the LokPilot V2.0, it has been developed from scratch. The main objective was to provide you, the DCC professional, a well-proven, robust and flexible decoder for any application. The LokPilotDCC V2.0 offers top technology at a fair price.

It can be used on all DCC compatible layouts or with analogue DC. All other features are the same as described for the LokPilot V2.0.

Lokpilot Micro

The brand new LokPilot micro is the first ESU decoder that has been designed specifically for N-gauge.

It combines all the outstanding features of the LokPilot V2.0 decoders and meets the requirements of the N-gauge modeller. With its compact size of 13.5 x 9.0 x 3.0 mm it should fit into any model.

The LokPilot micro supports DCC and Selectrix. Therefore it is suitable for all commonly used N-gauge systems. It can also be run on analogue AC. Changeover between operating modes is automatic and on-the-fly. Any adjustments programmed in DCC mode are of course also effective in Selectrix mode.

Motor control

Load control of the LokPilot micro is the same as in the LokPilot V2.0 and thus it is best suited for running any of your valuable engines in a convincing manner. The LokPilot micro can provide up to 0.5 A continous output without external cooling.


Separately adjustable acceleration and deceleration that can also be turned off and a shunting speed that can be turned off are standard features of the LokPilot micro. Its 2 function outputs can handle up to 140 mA each, can drive separate functions and their brightness can be adjusted individually.

Various output modes are available such as soft start up and dim down of lamps, the flickering of the firebox, Gyro light and Mars light, flash and double flash, blinking and alternate blinking. The new ESU function mapping enables you to assign any function to any button from F1 to F12. You may even assign several outputs to the same button.

Reliable operation

The LokPilot micro saves the latest speed settings permanently, if desired. After a power interruption the decoder resp. the engine will continue immediately with the pre-selected speed.

The LokPilot micro is available in two versions: with separate 6-pole interface plug as per NEM 651 or with 6 pins attached directly to the decoder.


The ESU LokPilotXL is a powerful decoder with minimal dimensions for large gauge models.

The LokPilotXL inherits all features of the LokPilot. It is a multi-protocol decoder with four very important operating modes relevant for large gauge models.

Besides digital operation with NMRA / DCC or Märklin® / Motorola® an engine equipped with a LokPilotXL can also run on analogue DC or AC layouts. Thus you can take your engine to any layout regardless of the control system. The LokPilotXL supports the Märklin® brake sections and offers the ESU brake mode that allows you to stop a train precisely, no matter if you were travelling at maximum speed or were crawling into the brake sector.

The LokPilotXL has 3rd generation load control that converts many old engines into smooth and silent runners due to the tact frequency of 15.5 kHz, something you never thought possible.

For large gauge modellers the power of a decoder is one of the most important considerations: the motor output can provide up to 3.0 A, enough for engines with two motors. The four function outputs can handle up to 0.6 A each. The total current of all function outputs together is 2.0 A (!).

We have also integrated the sockets for an external buffer capacitor in order to assure optimal and reliable running properties even under adverse conditions in the garden.


One decoder two options The proven LokPilotXL is also available in two versions: while the LokPilotXL is mainly intended for the users of Märklin® / Motorola® systems, the LokPilotXLDCCis meant for the garden railroader using pure DCC.

The latter does not offer the Motorola mode but has extended software options that become fully apparent in DCC mode.

The freely selectable speed curve enables you to adapt the decoder precisely to your model. Extremely realistic starting and braking properties can be realised. Furthermore it supports consisting.

Thanks to function mapping as per NMRA / DCC function outputs can be assigned almost in any combination.

It is good to know that the LokPilotXLDCC supports the chain command sequence for LGB® MZS® central units and thus is 100% LGB compatible.

For the friends of American models we have provided the most important lighting effects such as Mars light, ditch lights and Gyro lights. Of course the brightness of each output (lamp) can be dimmed separately. Also new is an optimised consist mode. With the outstanding ESU brake mode you can stop your trains precisely where you want to, regardless of the speed with which the train entered the brake sector.

The LokPilotXLDCC with all these outstanding features is a robust, goodvalue- for-money decoder for the G-gauge environment. It does not have to shy away from a comparison with any other product.


After the launch of Märklin®- systems the third generation of Märklin® digital became reality. The important prerequisite for this is the mfx data format on which Märklin®-systems is based. Our mfxdecoders allow fascinating sequences in conjunction with central units supporting Märklin®-systems.

ESU mfx-decoders are multi-protocol decoders. They support both the new mfxprotocol and the previous Motorola format. Thus these decoders are suitable for use with all Märklin® central units such as 6020, 6021, Delta or analogue AC layouts. A simple procedure with the buttons of the 6021 allows programming without opening the engine.

In conjunction with an mfx-central unit the decoder offers all mfx advantages. Change between operating modes happens onthe- fly is possible at any time during operation. ESU mfx-decoders have been specifically designed for Märklin® models. They are 100% mfx compatible!


We have introduced the 3rd generation LokSound decoder. Our collective experience but also suggestions and requests from our customers have been taken into account in the development process. Thus we are able to provide a truly sophisticated product.

The LokSound V3.0 represents the standard for digital sound decoders. No other product could offer you more. Due to the integration of a digital decoder and a sound module the LokSound decoder with its maximum dimensions of 34 x 15 mm is now small enough to fit into 0, H0 and TT-gauge vehicles; even the larger Ngauge models are not a problem anymore.

Its unique thermal design prevents any heat problems; heat sinks are not a topic for a true LokSound decoder.

LokSound V3.0 recognises DCC and Motorola and therefore provides great flexibility in its use. We have added four function outputs with 250 mA each to the powerful motor output with 1.1 A continous current.

LokSound V3.0 is supplied with an 8-pole NEM interface. Installation in engines with digital interface is therefore particularly easy: remove the body - take out the dummy plug plug in the decoder replace the body done!


The name says it all: The LokSoundXL is intended for larger models in G and 1- gauge. It can be operated with DCC or Märklin®Motorola systems or even with the chain command sequence of LGB-MZS for bypassing function buttons.

So that you really can have fun with this decoder we have provided a powerful motor output with 3.0 A continous current: this is enough even for models with two motors.

Since in such large models there are always many things that have to be switched we have integrated no less than 8 (!) function outputs, each of which can handle 0.6 A.

Thus ditch-lights, interior lighting or smoke generators are no problem whatsoever. And to make sure that you can hear your engine clearly - even in the garden - LokSoundXL has a 1.5 Watt high performance audio output. In conjunction with our ESU speakers (16/32 Ohm) or HiFi-speakers (8/16 Ohm) your engines provide an acoustic feast!

ECOS ESU50000 Central Controller - oh yeah!

.For the complete range of ESU Models Call us on 06 878 2666.

.For the complete range of ESU Models Call us on 06 878 2666.

We only have limited information in German.
We have translated this information. Some educated guesses about the technical capabilities in some places has been made, this has been noted by a "?".

This looks to be an excellent controller. With the potential to be all things to all peoples, no matter what sort of operation you have.


  • Booster with continuous power output of 4A
  • Programming track output of 0.6A
  • NMRA DCC with integral cut out device
  • Touch Screen LCD display with LED back lighting
  • Processor is based on 32-Bit ARM 720T Controller. 64Mb Flash ROM, 32Mb RAM and Linux operating system
  • 16bit real time co-processor
  • Two motorised potentiometers (with end stop?)
  • Two sets of eight "function" keys
  • Stop Key and Go Key
  • Allows connection to two external hand controllers
  • Allows connection to ECOSlink devices
  • Allows connection to ECOSlink Bus extension
  • Allows connection to DCC constable Boosters with electrical isolation
  • Allows connection to older devices such as Marklin's 6021 etc… via electrically isolated ECOSniffer ports
  • Allows connection to electrically isolated S88-Bus devices
  • Has an ECOslot for items such as radio remote controllers
  • Has a 90VA power pack
  • 10/100Mb Ethernet (RJ45)


  • DCC with 14, 28, 128 Speed steps, and LGB steps capable
  • Marklin Motorola - old, new with 14 steps for the Selectrix data format
  • 9999 address available for DCC, and 20 functions per locomotive
  • Controls Marklin, and DCC formats for points and accessory control
  • Controls a maximum of 16384 locomotive, 2048 points and accessories and 1024 routing sequences
  • Allows for 32 multi headed trains, each multi headed train can have up to 16 locomotives
  • Allows for 8 timed sequences?
  • Allows for all DCC Service programming modes on the programming track. Caters for the programming of Marklin and Selectrix decoders

Supplied in the Box

  • ECOS Controller
  • Power Pack (18V/5V)
  • Stylus for touch screen operation
  • Connector blocks for track connection, programming track and ECoSniffer
  • ECoSniffer operating Instructions

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Radio Controller ESU51100

For the complete range of ESU Models Call us on 06 878 2666
This unit is suitable for:
Märklin® 6021
Lenz® digital plus
Roco® LokMaus II® / R3
Uhlenbrock® Intellibox®

Freedom through radio control

Enjoy the wireless control of your engines and points. By means of this modern and very fast, bi-directional radio transmission you can connect to the base station up to 100m away without any interference or disturbance through direct sunlight or fluorescent lamps. There are no restrictions, whether you operate outside or in the basement the signals are transmitted even through concrete walls. You can connect the base station to many digital systems available on the market. Thus you can expand your digital system by adding mobile control at any time.

Combined ergonomics and functionality

Mobile control is the first hand held controller designed without compromise and as easy to operate as your mobile phone. Ergonomically shaped, mobile control allows true single-handed operation while a large display tells you all you need to know about your engines and accessories. At all times the graphic LCD-display informs you about the most important parameters such as address, a symbol indicating the type of engine, the name of the engine, the speed in km/h or in speed steps as well as the status of the function buttons. Up to ten functions can be switched with separate buttons. You can also switch accessories with mobile control: running your trains and switching points has never been more intuitive. The display shows the current status of points or signals and switching is accomplished simply by pressing a button.

  • Suitable for Märklin® 6021, Lenz® digital plus, ROCO® LokMaus II®, Uhlenbrock® Intellibox®.
  • Engine control:NMRA/DCC 14, 28, 128 speed steps, up to 9999 addresses Märklin®/Motorola® old and new.
  • Accessory control
  • Easy handling due to large graphic display
  • Menu in plain text
  • Self explanatory names for engines an accessories
  • Bi-directional radio transmission to base station
  • Up to 100 meters radius
  • Up to 16 devices per layout

Order Number: ESU51100

Our Price $565.00!