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Kibri Company Logo import Kibri products. Kibri has kits available in HO, N and Z scales. Many buildings have a strong southern Germany and Swiss themes. There are no picture at this stage however, please download the pdf catalogue.
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KBI1092240 foot containers, 6 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$42.95
(export price NZD$37.35)

KBI10924HO Scale Container pack of 8 containers 6 colours

Available for orderingNZ$39.95
(export price NZD$34.74)
40 foot Containers 6 pieces kitset These containers fit neatly into Marklin flat wagons L 14 x w 2.8 h 2.8 cm 6 different colours and includes a sheet of stickers with shipping company names

KBI11751KALMAR forklift truck

Available for orderingNZ$50.95
(export price NZD$44.30)

KBI11752KALMAR Container Crane

Available for orderingNZ$72.95
(export price NZD$63.43)

KBI12066Protective Plastic Case for Display 33x6x6.5cm

Available for orderingNZ$26.00
(export price NZD$22.61)

KBI36401Z Scale Monastery Ruins Garden with open air stage

Available for orderingNZ$112.00
(export price NZD$97.39)
This Kit has a lot or parts to it with the old church ruins, the house stage and ruins walls with a lot of garden extras L 16 x w 25 x H variable with old church about 15 cm hign

KBI36402Z Scale Burg Wildenstein Castle

Available for orderingNZ$61.50
(export price NZD$53.48)
This has a complete mountain base upon which the castle is set with surrounding walls and the old castle in the middle and quite typical of what you see on the sides of the Rhine and would look good overseeing a valley below on your layout L 29 x W 20 x H 17 cm

KBI36403Z Scale City Hall Alsfeld

Available for orderingNZ$51.90
(export price NZD$45.13)
This is the City Hall with about 5 stories tall and great centre peice for the town square with arches in the basement section L 6 X W 6 X H 12.5 cm

KBI36404Z Scale Two Half-Timbered Houses Fritzlar

Available for orderingNZ$44.95
(export price NZD$39.09)
These 4 storied pair of traditonal German House have the tall high Fronts and contain a business on each of the ground levels One has grey roof the other Bright red L 7.5 X w 6.5 x H 8 cm

KBI36405Z Scale Hotel The White Scale Ross

Available for orderingNZ$33.95
(export price NZD$29.52)
This is the Classic German Three Storied Hotel with real character and brick lower level and fancy German Style upper levels topped with a Red roof L 6.5 x W 6 x H 6.5cm

KBI36406Z Scale Timber frammed Houses 2 Pieces

Available for orderingNZ$33.95
(export price NZD$29.52)
These are two different styled houses that would look great on a village One has red rood with old style walls and the other a Brown roof again with old German style walls 1) L 7 x W 6 X H5cm 2) L 7.5 x W 6.5 X H 5.5cm

KBI36407Z Scale Scale House At The Church Square Alsfeld

Available for orderingNZ$33.95
(export price NZD$29.52)
This is a great 5 storied house with seperate basement and front stairs, so would look good in a town centre along with Kit 36404 the Town Hall L 4 x W 6.5 x H 8.5 cm

KBI36603Z Scale Gravel works Including Steiner trucks

Available for orderingNZ$105.90
(export price NZD$92.09)
This is a complete setup to create a Industry on your layout with the main building having three hoppers for the trucks to back under, and out building as well L 12 x W 7.5 X H 8 cm

KBI36604Z Scale Shed Hall factory

Available for orderingNZ$35.90
(export price NZD$31.22)
This is a Large shed with about two stories tall L 9.5 x W 5 x H 4 cm

KBI36605Z Scale Boiler Room With Chimney

Available for orderingNZ$41.90
(export price NZD$36.43)
This Is a great addition kit to go with 36770 and 36762 with a big smoke tower above the boiler house so add the smoke unit and lighting this comes alive L 8.5 X W 5 X H 15 cm

KBI36606Z Scale Freight Shed with Gantry and platform kit

Available for orderingNZ$61.90
(export price NZD$53.83)
This Kit has two parts the striking Main Freight Shed with attached office and covered end and also a seperate Gantry Kit to add unloading Freight station L 20 x W 6 x H 5 cm Gantry Kit L 6 x W 2 x H 5 cm

KBI36607Z Scale Large Warehouse

Available for orderingNZ$51.00
(export price NZD$44.35)
This is really quite a Big Kit with tall centre tower and Freight shed attached on end and double storied Office the other end L 19.5 x W 8.5 x H 13.5 cm

KBI36661Z Scale Scale Fence With Gates

Available for orderingNZ$21.00
(export price NZD$18.26)
these are good to use anywhere you want to create a fencing on your layout Total length 230 cm

KBI36690Z Scale Industrial Accessories

Available for orderingNZ$33.90
(export price NZD$29.48)
This is a great collection of industrial bits like tanks,piping,ramps, mini stairs the sort of stuff that industrial yards have all over them about 40 items in total

KBI36692Z Scale Around The House Deco Set of accessories

Available for orderingNZ$39.90
(export price NZD$34.70)
This is like the industrial set but for around the house with a whole assortment of fences patio peices signs a whole heap of little items which always add interest to any layout

KBI36694Z Scale Fountain and Park set

Available for orderingNZ$59.00
(export price NZD$51.30)
This to create your park area in your town with lots of walls tables and chairs and signposts so along side a lakeside or river this can look cool

KBI36696Z Scale Railway Yard accessories

Available for orderingNZ$61.50
(export price NZD$53.48)
This is a lot of items that you find around the Railway yard with gantry, sheds tanks and boxes and drums etc a good collection

KBI36698Z Scale Gantry Crane Static Model

Available for orderingNZ$33.95
(export price NZD$29.52)
This is and very standard Gantry crane that would look okay on European or American Layouts Note the crane does not move L 6 x W 2 X H 5 cm

KBI36702Z Scale Station Rodach / Coburg

Available for orderingNZ$57.90
(export price NZD$50.35)
This is a classic medium German station with main double storied center and rest room attached one end and freight goods shed attached other end. Great for a meduim sized layout or main station on smaller layout L 33 x W 9 x H 6.5cm

KBI36703Z Scale Station Chateau d'Oex

Available for orderingNZ$57.90
(export price NZD$50.35)
This is ideal for the Swiss layouts with a lot of detail typical in the Swiss mountains or Bavarian Alps area with Double storied main section with goods one end and open platform and ticket office the other L 26 x W 6.5 H 6 cm

KBI36704Z Scale Station Friedrichstal

Available for orderingNZ$57.00
(export price NZD$49.57)
This is a long striking older style Station similar in shape to Bonn station but with red and white trim and intersting roof structure in deep grey L 40 x W 8 x H 8.5cm

KBI36705Z Scale Interlocking Friedrichstal Signal Box

Available for orderingNZ$29.00
(export price NZD$25.22)
This Signal Box is designed to go with the 36747 station kit and has the same colours and detailing as the station. It can go over three tracks and if you add LED ligthing to the control room makes a great extra L 9 X W 6 x H 7 cm

KBI36707Z Scale Platform extension

Available for orderingNZ$49.95
(export price NZD$43.43)
suitable for 36720 and 36747 L 22 x w 3.2x H 2.7 cm

KBI36714Z Scale Dreieichen Railway Station

Available for orderingNZ$46.95
(export price NZD$40.83)
with its two corner buildings stressed, that dominate the middle part to a story height,corresponding the kibri model with platform and side of the street to the great model in the important details L 22.5 x W 6.5 X H 8cm

KBI36720Z Scale Bad Nauheim Platform

Available for orderingNZ$35.00
(export price NZD$30.43)
This kit goes will with the 36704 station kit and is designed to go with it L 66 x W 6 x H 7cm

KBI36726Z Scale Tank System Without Rolling M

Available for orderingNZ$29.91
(export price NZD$26.01)

KBI36727Z Scale Fuel Tanks With Office Building and two LPG tanks

Available for orderingNZ$31.95
(export price NZD$27.78)
This kit can create a great Fuel centre on you layout with the Office , tanks, connection services as well as a lot of fencing and two delivery trucks banners etc so a lot in this one L 10 x w 6.6 x H 5 cm + L 12 x W 2.5 x H 4 cm

KBI36730Z Scale Neustadt Gantry Signal Box

Available for orderingNZ$23.98
(export price NZD$20.85)
This is the popular Kit of the Neustadt Signal Box with wide control room over the top of the tracks with 3.2cm headroom Add LED lights to control room to make this a feature L 9 x W x 6 X H 7 cm

KBI36738Z Scale Large Coaling Stage and crane

Available for orderingNZ$71.57
(export price NZD$62.23)
This is a two part Kit with a Large Crane with bucket that has base that can show the means of loading the second kit which is a double hopper coal loader which tack can go under These two can add a really interesting industry to any layout or alongside the roundhouse or station yard L 25 x w 12 x h 9.5 cm Passage width 1.5 and 2.5cm for under hoppers clearance 2.5cm

KBI36747Z Scale Platform Friedrichstal

Available for orderingNZ$39.95
(export price NZD$34.74)
This is designed to a long platform to go with Friedrichstaland has quite a long length to match the staion kit Dimensions: 66 x 3,2 x 2,7 cm.

KBI36762Z Scale Factory Mining Compex with Gantry crane

Available for orderingNZ$136.95
(export price NZD$119.09)
This is similar to the 36770 so a good additional building for the other side of the area or corner and had the additional Gantry Crane to assist the Trucks loading L 12.5 x W 9.5 X 9.5 cm

KBI36764Z Scale Shedhall With Flue Tanks and Chimney

Available for orderingNZ$79.95
(export price NZD$69.52)
This has the same lit as 36604 so far as the Hall but xtra items include a tall chimney to add along side and a collection of tanks to arrange around the building so making a interesting industrial scene L 9.5 x w 5 x H 4 cm

KBI36770Z Scale Factory Mining Compex

Available for orderingNZ$73.90
(export price NZD$64.26)
This kit is a great industrial building which along with 36762 and 36605 can create an impressive section on your layout This kit has red brick exterior three levels high with a lot of extra details to add interest L 12.5 x W 9.5 x H 9.5 cm

KBI36780Z Scale 2 Detached Houses of the 30th century

Available for orderingNZ$33.90
(export price NZD$29.48)
these are a pair of houses with a more modern styling for a more up to date layout Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 4 cm / 4 x 4,5 x 4 cm.

KBI36782Z Scale 2 Detached Houses of the 20th century

Available for orderingNZ$35.90
(export price NZD$31.22)
These are two 2 storied modern style houses that will go well with 36780 kits to create a interesting village on your modern layout Dimensions: 4,5 x 4,5 x 4,2 cm / 5,2 x 5,5 x 4,2 cm.

KBI36784Z Scale 2 Factory Dwellings

Available for orderingNZ$39.95
(export price NZD$34.74)
These are the two storied Workers house as found around some of the big industrial complex of Germany A lot were solid built basic homes and often these smaller towns with a single industry had these as part of the total manafacturing plant Dimensions: 6,5 x 4 x 4,2 cm / 3,5 x 2 x 2 cm.

KBI36801Z Scale Townhouses Biel 3 Storied

Available for orderingNZ$44.95
(export price NZD$39.09)
This model comes from the town of Beil and contains a very colorful style with raised ground floor with arches and fancy roof styles and window treatments Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 9 cm.

KBI36803Z Scale School of Music in Biel

Available for orderingNZ$44.95
(export price NZD$39.09)
This kit is a great addition to the 36801 town houses and in similar style with arches in the ground floor and striking corner window with fancy round roof top Dimensions: 8,5 x 6 x 10 cm.

KBI36805Z Scale Gate With Pharmacy Murt

Available for orderingNZ$37.50
(export price NZD$32.61)

KBI36807Z Scale Chalet Les Diablerets

Available for orderingNZ$29.91
(export price NZD$26.01)

KBI36809Z Scale Chalet Gsteig

Available for orderingNZ$29.91
(export price NZD$26.01)

KBI36811Z Scale Farmhouse In Elm Scale

Available for orderingNZ$29.91
(export price NZD$26.01)

KBI36813Z Scale Farmhouse In Matt Scale

Available for orderingNZ$29.91
(export price NZD$26.01)

KBI36815Z Scale Church Kandersteg

Available for orderingNZ$28.24
(export price NZD$24.56)

KBI36817Z Scale Stall Barn With In Elm Scale

Available for orderingNZ$28.24
(export price NZD$24.56)