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Trix imports Trix in HO Scale and Minitrix in N Scale. These products are for either DC or DCC operation. The products are based on a European theme. Many of the Trix wagons and carriages are interchangeable with Marklin provided the wheels sets are changed.
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MTX66742 Right Turnout Lantern

In StockNZ$6.35
(export price NZD$5.52)

MTX66841New Items 2015 Fall :: Locomotive Decoder for 6-Pin NEM Interface Connector

Available for orderingNZ$67.28
(export price NZD$58.50)
This is a receiver for all DC locomotives with a current draw up to 1,000 milliamps (motor 1,000 milliamps, lights 200 milliamps). It is suitable for digital locomotives with a 6-pin NEM interface connector. Can be used universally in Selectrix 1, Selectrix 2, and DCC formats. Automatic analog recognition. Same locomotive address in Selectrix and DCC operation up to locomotive address 99. 7 maximum speeds that can be set. 4 motor impulse variants that can be set. Automatic load compensation. Connections for light functions. Connections for auxiliary functions (Aux1 and Aux2). Short circuit protection of the motor output. Programming of additional setting by means of selecting the address "00", such asFiner gradation of the impulse widths (control variant), direction of travel reverse polarity.In Selectrix operation: 31 speed levels. 111 addresses. Braking operation with braking diodes.In DCC operation: Manual speed level selection 14/28 levels. Automatic switching to 128 speed levels. Addresses can be short up to 127 and long up to 9999. Braking operation with DC voltage and "broadcast mode" braking generators (when analog recognition is turned off).Dimensions approximately 14 mm x 9 mm x 2.5 mm / 1/2" x 3/8" x 1/8".

MTX66846New Items 2015 Fall :: Reverse Loop Module

Available for orderingNZ$142.74
(export price NZD$124.12)
This is for easy switching of reverse loops in the DCC and Selectrix systems. No magnet switches are required. This can also be used for PC operation. Polarity switching can be done by means of short circuit recognition or sensor tracks (current sensor). Designed for Minitrix and Trix H0.

MTX66857New Items 2017 :: Locomotive Decoder 1000 Milliamps for MTC14 Interface

Available for orderingNZ$58.01
(export price NZD$50.44)
Sturdy multi-protocol retrofit decoder, protected against short circuits between the motor and the track, safety shutoff in the event of excess current, excess temperature, and short circuits, newly developed motor control for extremely smooth operation of all currently available DC motors, operation continued at the same speed after current interruption of up to 1 second, SUSI-controlled acceleration delay (SUSI-WAIT), one or two-part braking sections.Special characteristics in analog operation: acceleration voltage can be set very low, maximum speed limit, dynamic dimming of lights and AUX dependent on track voltage, programmable functions, typical analog running behavior. This is a receiver for all DC locomotives with a total current draw of up to 1000 milliamps (motor 1000 milliamps, each light 200 milliamps). It can be used for digital locomotives with an mtc14 digital interface. The decoder can be used in the formats Selectrix 1, Selectrix 2, and DCC. It automatically recognizes analog operation. The decoder has automatic load control. There are connections for a light function. There are connections for auxiliary functions (Aux1 and Aux2). The decoder has protection of the motor outputs against short circuits. Advanced Selectrix 1 programming of additional settings can be done by selecting address "00", example: finer gradation of the pulse widths (control variations), reversing polarity for direction of travel. In Selectrix operation: 31 speed levels. 111 addresses.DCC operation: speed level selection 14/28/126 speed levels. Addresses can be selected as short up to 127 and long up to 10239. Braking operation in the formats DCC and SX: DC same/opposed polarity, braking diodes, asymmetric track signal, braking generators.Dimensions approximately 14 x 9 x 2 mm / 9/16" x 11/32" x 1/16".

MTX66861New Items 2019 :: C Track Turntable

Available for orderingNZ$909.07
(export price NZD$790.50)
This is a DB standard design 23 meter / 74 foot 9 inch turntable. It is designed for conventional and digital locomotive operation. The remote controlled deck has a built-in motor. It can only be controlled digitally with the Mobile Station 2 and Central-Station 2 and 3 (not included). Control with the Central-Station 2 and 3 is especially easy by means of track indexing (after carrying out an update), or with different digital central controllers that use the DCC digital format. Function: The deck turns right/left and the pit is designed for sunken installation in the layout. 6 track spoke connections for C Track are included for insertion at the location of your choice. The spoke angles are in the C Track grid spacing of 12. A maximum of 30 track spoke connections in the spacing of 12 can be done with the 66871 expansion set. Locomotive operating current is supplied to the track spoke connections by means of the turntable deck. Polarity change can be programmed. The external diameter of the turntable with one each spoke track opposite each other is 382 mm / 15-1/32". The diameter of the pit without spoke tracks is 278 mm / 10-15/16". The deck length is 263 mm / 10-3/8". This turntable can be used with the 72886 roundhouse locomotive shed. Various sound functions can be controlled. LEDs are used to light the turntable operator's hut and the outside lighting and they can be controlled.

MTX66871New Items 2019 :: Expansion Set for the 66861 Turntable

Available for orderingNZ$70.89
(export price NZD$61.64)
This set has 3 track spoke connections for C Track. They can be inserted at the location of your choice on the rim of the turntable pit. The track spoke connections have built-in locomotive current contacts.

MTX66955New Items 2016 :: Mobile Station

Available for orderingNZ$176.73
(export price NZD$153.68)
This is a DCC digital hand control unit. 11 locomotives can be controlled with direct access. Locomotive selection can be done with the built-in M?rklin Digital locomotive database or by means of digital addresses. 16 locomotive functions and 320 solenoid items can be controlled. There is a display of the function status in the built-in background-lighted b/w full graphic display. The Mobile Station has a built-in locomotive card reader. It also has a lighted red Stop button. There is a 1.9 amp output power section in the optionally available track connector box (60116). 2 Mobile Stations (66955 and/or 66950) can be connected independently of each other to the track connector box. When the Mobile Station is operated connected to the (60213-60216 and 60226), there is access to the Central Station settings (Central Stations complete locomotive list, all solenoid items on the Central Stations keyboards and with their designations). Dimensions 160 x 100 x 39 mm / 6-5/16 x 3-15/16 x 1-1/2.