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The logo for the company Viessmann are importers from Viessmann for New Zealand. Viessmann have catenary, DCC and Marklin Decoders for points/switches/turnouts and signals. Also control units for their signals for those not using digital systems. Some of Viessmann decoders and control units include features such as "soft light change" also a range of signal masts without wires (called Multiplex)! Not forgetting the range of lights for your model towns and stations just so the little people can see at night!
All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include appropriate taxes
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VIE100701Park Lamp - Black with contact plug socket and LED

Available for orderingNZ$15.69
(export price NZD$13.64)

VIE100706Park Lamp with 6 lamps - Black

Available for orderingNZ$59.16
(export price NZD$51.44)

VIE100731Park Lamp Double - Black with contact plug socket and LED

Available for orderingNZ$25.89
(export price NZD$22.51)

VIE100801Street Lamp Modern with LEDs

Available for orderingNZ$14.67
(export price NZD$12.76)

VIE100892Industrial Wall Lamp 12-16V

Available for orderingNZ$17.95
(export price NZD$15.61)

VIE100901Whip Lamp with LEDs

Available for orderingNZ$15.47
(export price NZD$13.45)

VIE100921Street Lamp Modern with LEDs

Available for orderingNZ$16.21
(export price NZD$14.10)

VIE100951Whip Lamp Double with LEDs

Available for orderingNZ$21.52
(export price NZD$18.71)

VIE100971Street Lamp Modern with LEDS

Available for orderingNZ$25.21
(export price NZD$21.92)

VIE101406Swan Neck Lamp

Available for orderingNZ$59.16
(export price NZD$51.44)

VIE103652Platform luminaire, suspended, with LED

Available for orderingNZ$13.50
(export price NZD$11.74)

VIE104706N Scale Set of 6 Park Lamps colour Black

Available for orderingNZ$69.95
(export price NZD$60.83)

VIE1049066 Pack Wip lamps N scale

Available for orderingNZ$79.95
(export price NZD$69.52)

VIE129997Viessmann Catalogue

Available for orderingNZ$15.00
(export price NZD$13.04)

VIE1538Welder with flickering light

In StockNZ$49.95
(export price NZD$43.43)

VIE26100H0 ROBEL maintenance vehicle, finished model

Available for orderingNZ$159.95
(export price NZD$139.09)
Finished model. This model is based on the kit item-No.16100. Also available in the assortment of Viessmann as functional model item-No. 26110 for 2 rail version and item-No. 2611 for 3 rail version. Suitable for trailer 55.54 with construction equipment item-No. 16308. Dimensions: Lob 13,4 x W 3,6 - 7 x 4,8 - 15,5 cm.

VIE40000Kibri catalogue

Available for orderingNZ$20.00
(export price NZD$17.39)

VIE41006WinTrack V8 German Language software - English addon is available

Available for orderingNZ$248.93
(export price NZD$216.46)

VIE4178HO Cross head screws 2.2x16mm, 50 per pack (fit M-Track)

Available for orderingNZ$11.35
(export price NZD$9.87)

VIE44010Light-Distant Signal

Available for orderingNZ$31.67
(export price NZD$27.54)

VIE44011Light-Stop Signal

Available for orderingNZ$29.95
(export price NZD$26.04)

VIE44012Signal - Entry Signal

In StockNZ$35.95
(export price NZD$31.26)

VIE44013Light-Departure Signal

Available for orderingNZ$39.04
(export price NZD$33.95)

VIE44014Light-Stop Signal with Distant Signal

In StockNZ$68.95
(export price NZD$59.96)

VIE44015Light-Einfahrsignal with Distant Signal

In StockNZ$68.95
(export price NZD$59.96)

VIE44016Light-Departure Signal with Distant Signal

Available for orderingNZ$60.67
(export price NZD$52.76)

VIE44017Light-Stop Signal upper type

Available for orderingNZ$36.24
(export price NZD$31.51)

VIE44018Light-Stop Signal lower type

In StockNZ$42.95
(export price NZD$37.35)

VIE44030Light-Distant Signal with repeat light

In StockNZ$36.94
(export price NZD$32.12)

VIE44040Ks- Distant Signal

Available for orderingNZ$49.87
(export price NZD$43.37)

VIE44042Ks-Home Signal as Entry Signal

Available for orderingNZ$49.87
(export price NZD$43.37)

VIE44043Ks-Home Signal as Departure Signal

Available for orderingNZ$60.91
(export price NZD$52.97)

VIE44045Ks-Multi Section Signal as Entry Signal

Available for orderingNZ$65.74
(export price NZD$57.17)

VIE44046Ks-Multi Section Signal as Departure Signal

Available for orderingNZ$72.43
(export price NZD$62.98)

VIE44100Startset Overhead System includes 14 masts and 14 Catenary Wires

Available for orderingNZ$112.17
(export price NZD$97.54)

VIE44101Startset Overhead System includes 24 masts and 38 Catenary Wires

Available for orderingNZ$226.64
(export price NZD$197.08)

VIE44110Stardard Mast

Available for orderingNZ$7.00
(export price NZD$6.09)

VIE44111Connecting Mast

Available for orderingNZ$8.71
(export price NZD$7.57)

VIE44112Middle Mast

Available for orderingNZ$11.28
(export price NZD$9.81)

VIE44113Stardard Mast with Twin Support

Available for orderingNZ$14.23
(export price NZD$12.37)

VIE44114Anchor Mast

Available for orderingNZ$14.28
(export price NZD$12.42)

VIE44115Headspan Mast 150mm

Available for orderingNZ$17.76
(export price NZD$15.44)

VIE44116Headspan Mast 170mm

Available for orderingNZ$19.91
(export price NZD$17.31)

VIE44117Headspan Mast 195mm

Available for orderingNZ$23.62
(export price NZD$20.54)

VIE44118Concrete Mast

Available for orderingNZ$7.00
(export price NZD$6.09)

VIE44119Concrete Mast with support arm

Available for orderingNZ$9.85
(export price NZD$8.57)

VIE44120Reichsbahn Mast

Available for orderingNZ$12.90
(export price NZD$11.22)

VIE44121Reichsbahn Mast with twim support arms

Available for orderingNZ$15.27
(export price NZD$13.28)

VIE44122Curved Pull-Off

Available for orderingNZ$18.56
(export price NZD$16.14)

VIE44123H-Profile Standard Mast

Available for orderingNZ$8.49
(export price NZD$7.38)