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The logo for the company Viessmann are importers from Viessmann for New Zealand. Viessmann have catenary, DCC and Marklin Decoders for points/switches/turnouts and signals. Also control units for their signals for those not using digital systems. Some of Viessmann decoders and control units include features such as "soft light change" also a range of signal masts without wires (called Multiplex)! Not forgetting the range of lights for your model towns and stations just so the little people can see at night!
All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include appropriate taxes
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VIE46363Platform Light

Available for orderingNZ$16.60
(export price NZD$14.43)

VIE46394Lamp Friedrichstrabe Height 134mm

Available for orderingNZ$28.67
(export price NZD$24.93)

VIE46395Lamp Brandenburger Tor Height 138mm

In StockNZ$32.36
(export price NZD$28.14)

VIE46396Gas Lamp 48mm Black

Available for orderingNZ$19.55
(export price NZD$17.00)

VIE46397Gas Lamp Double

Available for orderingNZ$28.46
(export price NZD$24.75)

VIE46398Gas Lamp Triple 60mm Black

Available for orderingNZ$33.07
(export price NZD$28.76)

VIE46480N Scale Modern Street lamp

Available for orderingNZ$14.95
(export price NZD$13.00)

VIE46497N scale modern street lamp

Available for orderingNZ$13.95
(export price NZD$12.13)

VIE46500N Scale Sphere Lamp

Available for orderingNZ$16.95
(export price NZD$14.74)

VIE46729H0 Kit Standard green gas lamp - LED warm-white

In StockNZ$11.50
(export price NZD$10.00)
Complete kit. Maintenance-free by LED lighting. Prototypical brass mast with patented base socket for easy mounting. Mountain without soldering any tools. Height: 80 mm. Hint: Power module item-No. 5215 offers flicker-free lighting by using AC power. Nearly double brightness is possible.

VIE47090Whip Lamp Height 40mm

Available for orderingNZ$15.40
(export price NZD$13.39)

VIE47140Swan Neck Lamp Height 35mm

Available for orderingNZ$14.82
(export price NZD$12.89)

VIE47160Wood Post Lamp Height 41mm

Available for orderingNZ$17.18
(export price NZD$14.94)

VIE47163Lattice Mast Lamp Height 50mm

Available for orderingNZ$23.12
(export price NZD$20.10)

VIE47164Platform Lamp Height 27mm

Available for orderingNZ$17.92
(export price NZD$15.58)

VIE47170Park Lantern Height 25mm

Available for orderingNZ$16.00
(export price NZD$13.91)

VIE47180Street Lamp Modern Height 25mm

Available for orderingNZ$13.63
(export price NZD$11.85)

VIE47184Lattice Mast Lamp Height 50mm

Available for orderingNZ$20.74
(export price NZD$18.03)

VIE47195Whip Lamp Double Height 40mm

Available for orderingNZ$23.12
(export price NZD$20.10)

VIE52255A power module

In StockNZ$59.52
(export price NZD$51.76)

VIE60921HO Street light modern with plug in socket, LED white

In StockNZ$26.73
(export price NZD$23.24)

VIE63652H0 Platform light hanging, LED white

In StockNZ$13.50
(export price NZD$11.74)
For under-roof mounting. Maintenance-free thanks to LED lighting.

VIE81103Standard Mast as a pack of 10

Available for orderingNZ$63.64
(export price NZD$55.34)

VIE81191Concrete Mast with short brackets

Available for orderingNZ$9.85
(export price NZD$8.57)

VIE81711Bracket 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$17.19
(export price NZD$14.95)

VIE81712Bracket 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$18.96
(export price NZD$16.49)

VIE81861Yoke with two Brackets 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$38.48
(export price NZD$33.46)

VIE83103N standard mast with support arms contents: 10 pieces, height: 45.5 mm

Available for orderingNZ$96.80
(export price NZD$84.17)

VIE8999Viessman Catalogue 2019/2020/2021

In StockNZ$12.95
(export price NZD$11.26)

VIE92111Motorola Solenoid Drive Decoder without connectors - wires must be soldered on

Available for orderingNZ$55.00
(export price NZD$47.83)

VIE92121DCC Solenoid Drive Decoder without connectors - wires must be soldered on

Available for orderingNZ$40.00
(export price NZD$34.78)