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LGB's Company Logo The well loved 'big' trains are now available once again in New Zealand! Ideal for the Christmas tree, Garden Layout or just because you can situations. The subsections have been arranged by country or railroad company. Thanks for your support!
All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include appropriate taxes
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LGB10000Straight Track 300mm

In StockNZ$17.13
(export price NZD$14.90)

LGB10001Metal Rail Joiners Fish Plates 10 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$10.99
(export price NZD$9.56)

LGB10003Tie Sections 300mm

In StockNZ$7.88
(export price NZD$6.85)

LGB10005Rail Sections 1.5m

In StockNZ$24.16
(export price NZD$21.01)

LGB10007Road Crossing Track

In StockNZ$27.48
(export price NZD$23.90)


In StockNZ$39.18
(export price NZD$34.07)

LGB10040Straight Track 41mm

In StockNZ$12.71
(export price NZD$11.05)

LGB10050Straight Track 52mm

In StockNZ$12.71
(export price NZD$11.05)

LGB10070Straight Track 75mm

In StockNZ$12.71
(export price NZD$11.05)

LGB10080Straight Track 82mm

In StockNZ$12.71
(export price NZD$11.05)

LGB10090Adjustable Track 88-120mm

In StockNZ$60.96
(export price NZD$53.01)

LGB10150Straight Track 150mm

In StockNZ$12.19
(export price NZD$10.60)

LGB10151Reverse Loop Track Set 2x150mm

Available for orderingNZ$114.15
(export price NZD$99.26)

LGB10152Straight Insulated Track 150mm

In StockNZ$52.41
(export price NZD$45.57)

LGB10153Insulated Track Single 150mm

Available for orderingNZ$52.41
(export price NZD$45.57)

LGB10210Rack Rails 300mm 12 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$58.38
(export price NZD$50.77)

LGB10220Rack Rail Holders 24 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$58.38
(export price NZD$50.77)

LGB10250Wheel Pieces 12 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$18.68
(export price NZD$16.24)

LGB10260Insulated Rail Joiners 4 pieces

In StockNZ$9.99
(export price NZD$8.69)

LGB10310Track Bumper Buffer Lighted

In StockNZ$33.45
(export price NZD$29.09)

LGB10315RhB Track Bumper Buffer Stop

In StockNZ$33.45
(export price NZD$29.09)

LGB10316New Items 2017 :: RhB Track Bumper

Available for orderingNZ$30.30
(export price NZD$26.35)
This is a model of a modern Rhaetian Railroad track bumper in the current red paint scheme for Era VI.

LGB10320Bent Rail Track Bumper Buffer

Available for orderingNZ$36.83
(export price NZD$32.03)

LGB10345New Items 2015 :: Shuttle Train Automatic Circuit Box

Available for orderingNZ$357.91
(export price NZD$311.23)
The shuttle train automatic circuit box allows you have a train shuttle between two stations. An electronic circuit stops the train at the station and then has it reverse direction and go back. This box is easy to install and has adjustable stop duration and prototypically smooth start up and braking. It can be connected to 10-24 volts DC. 10345 is the technically ideal improved successor to 10340.

LGB10520Manual Uncoupler

Available for orderingNZ$15.31
(export price NZD$13.31)

LGB10560Electric Uncoupler 150mm

Available for orderingNZ$131.53
(export price NZD$114.37)

LGB10600Straight Track 600mm

In StockNZ$32.95
(export price NZD$28.65)

LGB10610Straight Track 1200mm

Available for orderingNZ$67.19
(export price NZD$58.43)

LGB10710Wire Holders 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$29.05
(export price NZD$25.26)

LGB11000Curved Track R1 30 Degrees 1 piece

In StockNZ$13.60
(export price NZD$11.83)

LGB11020Curved Track R1 15 Degrees

In StockNZ$12.19
(export price NZD$10.60)

LGB11040Curved Track R1 7.5 Degrees

In StockNZ$12.19
(export price NZD$10.60)

LGB11152Insulated Track R1 15 Degrees 2 pieces

In StockNZ$52.93
(export price NZD$46.03)

LGB11500Track Clips 28 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$9.33
(export price NZD$8.11)

LGB12000Manual Turnout Right R1 30 Degrees

In StockNZ$84.99
(export price NZD$73.90)

LGB12010Switch Drive motor for Turnouts

In StockNZ$64.33
(export price NZD$55.94)

LGB12040Turnout Lantern

Available for orderingNZ$33.45
(export price NZD$29.09)

LGB12050Electric Turnout Right R1 30 Degrees

Available for orderingNZ$149.69
(export price NZD$130.17)

LGB12060Manual Hand Operated Switches 2 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$38.65
(export price NZD$33.61)

LGB12070Supplementary Switch Type 2 attaches to 12010 Switch Drives

Available for orderingNZ$64.33
(export price NZD$55.94)

LGB12100Manual Switch Left R1 30 Degrees

In StockNZ$84.99
(export price NZD$73.90)

LGB12140New Items 2016 :: Lighted RhB Turnout Lantern

Available for orderingNZ$28.33
(export price NZD$24.63)
This is a model of a Rhaetian Railroad turnout lantern. This lantern can be mounted on all LGB electric turnouts and on the LGB turnout mechanism (L12010). It is operated with 18 volts.

LGB12150Electric Turnout Left R1 30Degrees

In StockNZ$149.69
(export price NZD$130.17)

LGB12260Electric Douple Slip Switch R1 22.5

Available for orderingNZ$438.45
(export price NZD$381.26)

LGB12360Electric Three Way Switch R1 30 Degrees

Available for orderingNZ$363.21
(export price NZD$315.83)

LGB126050Universal Motor with a Short Shaft

Available for orderingNZ$113.99
(export price NZD$99.12)

LGB126174Traction Tire 37.5mm (Sold Each)

Available for orderingNZ$4.15
(export price NZD$3.61)

LGB13000Crossing R1 30 Degrees

Available for orderingNZ$127.39
(export price NZD$110.77)

LGB13100Crossing 90 Degrees

Available for orderingNZ$67.19
(export price NZD$58.43)

LGB131368Traction Tire 32x29 (Sold Each)

Available for orderingNZ$4.15
(export price NZD$3.61)