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Since you're reading this, you already know we think model railroading is the greatest hobby in the world, but you may wonder exactly why we feel that way.

In a word the answer is "diversity." Unlike other leisure-time activities, model railroading doesn't have a right and wrong way to do things. You can participate in the way that works best for you. And, since you've customized the hobby to your tastes and needs, you're definitely going to have a good time.

Model railroading offers a range of fun and excitement. You'll get to work with your hands, work with your mind, and have a great time exercising your imagination as you express yourself through something uniquely your own.

Some of the enjoyable activities that model railroaders choose from include: carpentry, electronics, painting, model building, engineering, historical research, and many, many more.

But you don't have to do all, or even any, of these to be a model railroader. You can concentrate on those things you find most interesting now, secure in the knowledge that the others will still be there months and years from now patiently waiting if the mood should strike.

Different strokes for different folks
With such a broad hobby it should come as no surprise that there is more than one approach to model railroading. In fact, there are three major divisions of the hobby.

The largest segment of the hobby is scale model railroading. Scale model railroaders set out to duplicate the locomotives and cars used by real railroads. But it doesn't stop with the trains. The goal of most scale modelers is the creation of a miniature world - a layout - featuring not only the trains but a complete and precise replica of their surroundings.

Then there are model railroaders who are primarily interested in what we call "toy trains." Perhaps you had a Lionel or American Flyer train set when you were younger, or remember that your father or older brother had a train set up under the Christmas tree every year.

Toy trains, which tend to be larger and less finely detailed than their scale counterparts, are better than ever. The traditional manufacturers have been joined by a legion of new companies offering a wide variety of exciting and colorful trains and accessories.

Garden railroaders are the third group. They enjoy creating outdoor settings for their trains. Those trains are bigger than traditional toy trains and are rugged enough to stand up to outdoor use in all weather. A garden railroad offers a unique opportunity to create a setting that combines nature and machines.

Fun for all ages
Many model railroaders find a hobby they intended to be just for them ends up including the rest of the family. More and more married couples actively participate in the hobby together. And kids of all ages have always been fascinated by model trains.

What better gift can you give your children or grandchildren than your time? In this world of computers and instant gratification you'll be giving your time as you share with them a lifetime hobby that teaches patience and the joys of creating something with your hands.

The time you spend together building a railroad is true quality time - the kind of time yet another night staring at the television cannot possibly hope to match.

Movement sets it apart
The most appealing aspect of model trains of all sizes is the way they move. No other hobby combines so many interests and levels of participation with a chance to watch things move under their own power through a world you created.

Need to know more?
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